#DecemberInAccra: Are You Ready To Rage On The 20th? We Know We Are! Here Is All You Need To Know About Crusade 3

Just 2 days to Crusade 3 and if you have your CHRISTMAS MONEY, then this is you right now;

After seeing the lineup for Crusade 3, we can’t even…

And From NAIJA;

All your favourites are on this Charley!

If this doesn’t make you excited, then you have “Happiness Issues”…lol

A ticket is selling at 40gh and we will advise that you get it now cos Charley, time no dey!

Here are distribution points for tickets

And yeah!… There are Crusade 3 Merchs on sale too…the T-shirts are available in 3 colours; Grey, white and black.

There’s no GREAT concert without some sips&chops. Vendors interested in getting stands should call these numbers for more info. +233279388738/+233271407974!

Stream the LINKSTERS Album HERE

And Remember, CRUSADE 3 is for RAGERS! #DontComeAndSee



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