Teacher Kwadwo Sanctioned By GES And Fired By Huawei Ghana As Brand Ambassador For Comments On Rape

teacher kwadwo

In less than a week, two comedians have lost their ‘jobs’ due to their actions on social media.

Social media is an amazing tool for networking – make friends and grow business relationships.

Today a lot of people have paychecks because of social media, however, just as it can do good, it can also unmake you.

In America, Kevin Hart has had to give up on what would have probably been the highest profile hosting gig he’s ever had because of his actions on social media.

Homophobic tweets from Kevin years ago were pulled up after it was announced that he would be hosting the 2019 OSCARS, the biggest night in the movie industry.

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Quickly he was attacked and in the end, he had to step down from hosting the awards show.

Today, it is being reported that the Ghanaian teacher, Michael Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo has lost his job as a brand ambassador for Huawei Ghana.

This comes after the feminist group known as Pepper Dem Ministries jumped on to his past Facebook posts about rape. Their campaign hit him where it hurts…. his bank balance.

According to reports, Pepper Dem Ministries succeeded in their mission, as Huawei Ghana has dropped him as their brand ambassador.

Teacher Kwadwo has also been sanctioned by his daytime employers, the Ghana Education Service for the same offence.

 According to the GES, he was sanctioned because some of his social media posts “tend to objectify sex, promote, sustain and perpetuate the rape culture.

Well, well. Here’s today’s lesson, whenever you post something on social media, make sure that you won’t regret it in 70 years time.

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