10 Days After The EC Brought Back Its Old Logo The New One Still Sits On Its Website

These days an institution’s website performs the same functions as the institution’s office space does.

If you visit a company’s office you’d expect to see the identity of the company on display. You’d see their logo somewhere.

The same applies to a website. When someone visits your website it’s the same as the person visiting your physical workplace.

As such, your website should be as representative of who your institution is online.

That includes what you do, what you stand for and of course what your logo is.

The Electoral Commission of Ghana changed its logo just before the 2016 General Elections that got a lot of people talking and accusing the EC of unnecessary expenditure.

The logo looked like something an NGO that worked with children would use.

Now, just 10 days ago, the new EC Jean Mensa changed that new logo back to the old logo.

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The order was sent to heads of department at the EC to change letterheads back to the old logo that Charllote Osei changed.

However, 10 days after the EC went back to its old logo, the website still has the new logo.

For some, this shows how online or the use of the internet is still an afterthought for most Ghanaian institutions.

Clearly, someone is not paying attention to that website to make sure that its features represent the current identity that the EC has.

Though the EC might have changed its logo, to the outside world who visit the website, Charlotte Osei’s logo is still the representative symbol of the institution.

Electoral Commission Ghana

We hope the EC will do the needful and bring their website in sync with its current organizational identity.

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