UG: This Exam Season Calls For A Few Precautions. Click Here to Find Out!!


We’ve recorded some pretty unexpected rainfalls lately and as you know, we’re in the most serious season of the semester and anything at all can happen at any time so this is how to prepare yourself towards the weather during this exams season.

Remember to take along your umbrellas.

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Yes ….. some people will look at the weather and say it won’t rain but brothers and sisters, we don’t know what will happen so to be on the safer side, always remember to take along with you your umbrellas whenever you’re going to write and exams.  Especially those at the diaspora and the southern belt: Pent, TF, Evandy, Bani and the non-residentials whose exam halls are far away.


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This may sound a little too much, but hey, better safe than sorry! It’s very important you take along with you your raincoat in case it starts falling unexpectedly and you’re walking to your exams hall, you can save yourself from being beaten by the rain and self-awareness from being wet.  Don’t forget the bags so you remove and put it inside the bag when you get to your exams hall or when yawa pai and the rain stops unexpectedly.

Jackets and hoodies.

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Dear ladies, this is the perfect time to steal from your boys you barb?? Like you have the perfect excuse!  Maybe your body temperature and that of the weather might not be friendly so to avoid feeling cold or shivering, remember to go along with your jackets and hoodies to be on the safer side. It can get really cold sometimes.


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Prevention is better than cure and had I known is always, at last, that’s why Kuulpeeps Legon is here to remind and guide you.
Wishing you all the best in your exams.

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