UG: Check Out The Different Types Of People During This Exam Season.


The semester started on a cool note then hall weeks came in and as usual we did justice to that then right after the hall weeks IAs appeared with full vim and that too we did justice to it as it prepared us for the Almighty end of sem exams and now here we are in his hands.

Take a look at how people study during the examination period.

The music lovers.
Some people love to study with music. Thus, they listen to music whiles studying and according to some people, the music helps them remember what they’ve learnt during the exams.

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The quiet time learners.
These people are those found in the various reading rooms of the various halls, the libraries and the 24/7 reading room. They don’t want noise, no no no not at all. They prefer to be alone at a quiet place like the Gesimany and consume everything in the slides and lecture notes from page to page, cover to cover.

The noise lovers.
Some people like to learn at a noisy place where people are playing music, shouting,  chatting, laughing, giggling and all forms of noise and according to them, it prevents them from getting bored when learning becomes boring and tiring. Are you one of them?

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The bae, boo and bestie learners.
Yeeesssssss we have the bae and boo and bestie learners. These are the people who love to learn with their partners bae and boo and besties in their rooms together despite the differences in their courses. Some say it helps to check on the other partner to make sure he or she is really learning and also to keep each other company whiles learning. I think you and bae or boo or bestie should try that out.

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The group studies learners.
This is where some of the students possessing the 4.0 CGPA belongs. You’ll see them in groups with whiteboards,  big books, lecture notes, laptops and pens seriously solving questions and doing discussions together. You’ll mostly find them at the various Tv rooms of the various halls and under the summer hut at Commonwealth hall. Oh yes and some of the unserious students join in sake of they’re not able to catch up lectures.

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And owh yhh the new and latest trending learning format on campus….. the rooftop learners.
These are some serious students who have discovered a new learning format on campus where there’s absolutely no noise and are far away from people….. on the rooftops of some of the halls.


Yh at least it’s better and there’s fresh air there. Chale you can try that out and give us your feedback.

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