Come Around Ladies And Lets Show You Ways To Tell If He Just Wants To Hit It And Quit It!

Usually, in the beginnings, you and your man (sort of) aren’t on the same page and it’s quite understandable. You might want it to be a long one whiles he wants it to be really short. Sometimes the relationship between you and him will not go anywhere and you would have to come to terms with that.


The issue arises when you let him know you’re in it for the long run but he keeps playing games with you, as if his mind dey, meanwhile too, he just want eat.

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So ladies here are five signs to look out for when you first start seeing a guy, to determine whether he really is Mr Right, or he’s just staying for the night.

1.  Cell Phone

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He keeps preventing you from touching his phone. We don’t know about you but when a guy doesn’t want you poking around in his phone we believe that there is definitely something (or someone(s)) he’s hiding from you.

2. He always comes over

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Every time you ask him when you can come over, he brushes it off and lets you focus on other stuff (Yes, we are obviously talking about the d). Well, how can he show you his place when he knows that you can appear at any time there and catch him doing unspeakable things to someone else’s daughter?

3.  He makes sure you don’t forget anything

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This is the direct opposite from the point above. Here, you know his house alright but anytime you’re leaving, you carry everything with you. You cant leave that extra toothbrush, panty, shirt or shorts over. Naaaaa… he doesn’t plan on indulging you at all.

4. He doesn’t kiss you

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This is definitely a red flag you should take note of! For most people, kissing is very very intimate and for some people, even more intimate than the deed itself. A good kiss can tell you exactly how the rest of your physical relationship with a person will play out. So, if a dude refrains from kissing you after getting intimate with your naughty bits, you have every right to be worried.

5. He hates taking pictures together

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Is your boo really your boo if you can’t take a picture with him and post it on social media or even leave it on your phone? This is definitely a major red flag you need to take note of. The moment you open snapchat he literally vanishes and you aren’t worried? Sis, you deserve better!


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