Going For A Ghanaian Funeral? See The 6 Types Of People You Should Look Out For

The way Ghanaians are obsessed with funerals er! We spend so much on the dead than the living. Most people are more interested in the cloth that is to be given them, the type of place the funeral will be held and the likes.

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As for this country, the more people at the funeral, the better and the more important it is because it shows that the person or his family members are probably prominent members of society, very charitable, good in socializing or just know a lot of people.

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We will rather donate huge sums of money to the dead body because we failed to help out when the person was alive. From the strangers to the contracted mourners, check out the different types of people you will meet at a funeral in Ghana.

1. The Strangers

These people don’t know anybody at the funeral. They do not even know who is being buried. We aren’t sure what is fun and exciting about a funeral that you would leave your house and come and sit there. Oooorr because of the free food?? Well yeah, that might probably be it. Free food. Sigh!

2. The Foodians

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These people’s main focus is food, Charley. They go from the local side to the continental setups. If you don’t pay attention to them, they’ll be the reason why food will “short” at the event.

3. The Alcoholics

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Forget the food, just get them “booze” and they will be okay. They came for the liquor Charlie!! These types only come to the funeral to drink their heart out and at the end of the day, they mess up themselves and the funeral. Whether invited or not, they’ll drink themselves to stupor.

4. “Mourners”

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We’ve put mourners in quotes because these people don’t really even know the dead person. They come and cry profusely as if they are direct relatives of the deceased but if you go and look inside the matter, they’ve probably seen the person some once or twice bi.

5. Pallbearers

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These days, there are pallbearers who are contracted to put up a show at the funeral grounds to dispatch the dead to the other world. They dance and perform various acts with the coffin before sending it to the cemetery.

6. The Jama Guys

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These guys are usually seen if the deceased is a young guy. They usually don’t sit and they entertain the crowd with songs and dancing. If they brought their bikes and cars, they’ll keep driving round and round and making screeching noises producing a lot of dust.

7. The Pretenders

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These people didn’t like the deceased when he was alive but on the day of the funeral, they behave as if they were best friends even though it was almost as if they were sworn enemies.

Which group of people did we leave out? Do let us know.

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