Here Are 5 Red Flag Signs That Can Often Be Mistaken For Kindness

Most times when you are in a situation-ship or relationship you never see the flaws until its too late because we are blinded by love and oblivious especially if the relationship is new. We tend to misinterpret a lot of red flags as sweet gestures. You may think he is just so into you but to be quite honest, it could mean the person is just unstable and borderline crazy.

Here are 5 signs we tend to mistake for sweet gestures when in all actuality its a sign of a danger zone!!

1. Constantly Calling or Texting

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Don’t get it confused. It is perfectly normal and a great feeling to text a lot with your new someone when you first hit it off but there is also such a thing as too much texting; the person just gets attached too quickly and the shade is, they may not even realize that the amount of communication is OverDose.

2. Oversharing on a first date

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There is a difference between opening up to someone and offloading baggage unto them unnecessarily. It is very easy to assume that the person revealing a lot on the first date is easily connected to you. Just be mindful and cautious if the conversation turns to past relationships.

3. Making dramatic promises

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Imagine you are like on your third date and they are already saying things like “I will never leave you like your ex-did or hurt you as they did”… Now we understand there is nothing wrong with saying things like “I would never hurt you” but the shade is most times the people that usually say that are the ones to do exactly that!!

4. They want to spend all of their time with you

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Honestly, “I can’t get enough of you” sounds flattering Af, and of course, you are lit (even if you yourself say so) and who wouldn’t want to be around you? Duuuhh!! but if your new boo wants to come over every day of the week even after you inform them that you are busy or with friends. Then you need to watch out.

5. They are very very very protective of you 

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” I can’t imagine myself with anybody but you… I love you sooooooo much” yea it sounds sweet and so romantic, right? Yea we know. It may sound good at first, but it often creates a very unhealthy form of jealousy; which is a normal response to any form of threat in a relationship. Jealousy can also be a sign that your partner is controlling.

Lol. We know we’ve given you a different angle to access your relationship or situation-ship. We know that usually, these so-called professions of love are not a big deal. They’re just that. Professions of love. But sometimes too, you need to open your eyes because they may mean something else. They really may be the Red Flags you don’t want to take notice of because you’re on cloud nine.


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