You’re Definitely Going To Hell If You Laugh At Any Of These Memes! Don’t Worry, We’ll Help You Pack


Y’all know how memes trend all the time on Twitter. We dunno who starts it but lol bless them for these brilliant memes! Last week, this particular meme was flying all around on not just on Ghana Twitter but Twitter worldwide!!!

Image result for dexter meme

If you’re old enough, you’d recognize the guy in the meme.

Dexter from Dexter’s laboratory.

Here’s the original scene:

yeah that’s what we were watching as kids.

Image result for embarrassed gif

Anyway, someone went back, took a pic and turned it into a meme and the whole of Twitter went crazy doing their versions of it!!!

Here are our all-time faves and remember…take your time to pronounce it the way Dexter took his time to whisper: Omelette du fromage!

Fried rice anybody?

Image result for laugh gif

Conse… what?

Mmaa korkorr…

Image result for laugh gif

Lol Legon’s Jean Nelson Hall students…how true is this?

Lmaooooo can all Asantes unite and find this person??

Where do you go when you’re sick?

Image result for laugh gif

Yeah looks like almost every Ghanaian child says it this way lol

This guy is cancelled for this!!!!!!!!!

Image result for laugh spill drink gif

“Ze blutoof device eez ready to pearl”

Hint: it’s not fried egg, it’s not meat.

The dbees who travel a lot can relate!!!

Anyone who took part in this trend is deadass going to hell!!!

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