Why Sister Deborah’s Kakalika Love Became An Anthem For People Who Are Getting Over A Break-Up


Music always gets us in a particular mood and sometimes too we play a particular kind of music to feed our current mood.

We play dance song when we’re happy and in a dancing mood… we play the blues when we want to get lucky, we play sorrowful songs when we’re sad and we want to unapologetically continue wallowing in our sadness.

…and we also play our teasing and ‘I don’t give a f**k’ song when we feel just that.

However, that alone cannot explain the reason why Sister Deborah’s Kakalika Love has become an anthem for people who were cheated on and are getting over a breakup.

Sister Deborah’s Kakalika Love is allegedly a diss song directed at Medikal who reportedly broke up with Sister Deborah to date the actress and entrepreneur, Fella Makafui.

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Her song teases why two people chose to hide their love and likens them to cockroaches, all the same dropping a hint that he saved the other woman’s name as ‘Carpenter’ on his phone.

But that story is all too familiar…. many people who have caught their partners cheat on them most likely identify with the different name saved on the phone.

One thing that makes the song relatable is that it also portrays the all too common scenario – the woman caught him cheating and she walked away. Even if she threw tantrums, she still let it go and that showed a power move on her part.

Kakalika Love, which many believe could actually be one of Sister Deborah’s best songs also became a hit because it rode on the breakup scandal.

At the time the song came out, Medikal, Sister Deborah and Fella Makafui formed a triangle love story. Every social media post of theirs was scrutinized and each word’s connotative meaning was heavily investigated.

Nothing the three did was a coincidence… While Medikal kept talking and throwing jabs about Sister Deborah, Sister Deborah, on the other hand, kept sharing her song, Kakalika Love, as though it was the universal reply to every move Medikal made.

It suffices to say that within the period, that’s just before and after Sister Deborah released Kakalika Love, Medikal has gone ahead to release about four songs: Ah Wada, Sister Akoss, Ayekoo and Open Letter.

Yet, Sister Deborah’s Kakalika Love still continue to gain social media attention and relevance.

We must also indicate that Medikal does little to play the victim card but Kakalika Love makes Sister Deborah out to be the Victim of Circumstance.

The premise being – she thought she was in a loving relationship meanwhile her conniving beast of a man was cheating- there right there makes people want to come to her aid.

The victim gets all the love and support, while the man and the other woman enjoy the bashing.

Now, what better way to show love to the victim? Dance to her breakup song and post it online.

That and Sister Deborah’s own strategic social media use gave the Kakalika Challange the momentum it has.

People from all walks of life and across continents are participating in the Kakalika Challenge.

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For now, though some are doing it for the money she has placed on the challenge, others are also doing the Kakalika Challenge because it’s now a cool thing to do.

Even the Kwese team has their own version…

This challenge is such a strategic move from Sister Deborah that, week in week out until she herself calls off the challenge, Kakalika Love will continue to gain social media traction.

While it does that, a lot of men and woman who have gone through breakups and those who haven’t will also be dancing to the tune… because let’s face it… the instrumental is good too.

Dance the pain away and laugh at yourself while at it.

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