UEW: Keep Your Girl With These 4 Important Things She Desperately Wants You To Do Without Being Told


Dating is interesting. Whether it’s your first relationship or your fifth, there is always a lot of learning that will happen throughout the duration of the relationship. Eventually, both parties will probably develop expectations for their counterpart (if they didn’t already have them going into the relationship).

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While boys can’t read the minds of girls, there are definitely times when girls wish that they could. There are just so many little gestures that would mean the world to them if they happened naturally. Why is it so hard for boys to just show true thoughtfulness without having to be told to first? Girls are going to thoroughly enjoy the genuine thoughtfulness that their boyfriends show for them; just think, doing these actions will help the boys become more nurturing, and in return, more loveable, while the girls will ultimately feel like they mean something to their boyfriends and feel good. See, it’s a win-win for both parties.

Here are just 4 small, yet highly valuable, things that girls want their boyfriends to do without having to tell them to.

Be sure that your words always align with your actions

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There is no bigger turn-off than when a person’s actions are completely different from what they claim to be.

Take ownership of your actions

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Unfortunate events are going to happen; showing her that you acknowledge the course of what happened proves to her that you are responsible and aware of the situation rather than trying to deny it.

Never, ever leave on bad terms

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Of course, mishaps are going to happen, but don’t let her go off thinking of terrible thoughts; always make a true effort to fix the problem there in person. If you can’t, at least do a thoughtful follow-up later that day rather than letting things stew over the duration of several days.

Tell her “thank you” for even the smallest things

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Girls don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed.

These are just ones we’ve got in our DMz. Hit us up if we left anything out. We are literally here for you peeps!

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