UEW: 411 On Why You Can’t Break Up With Your Uni Bestie Anytime Soon

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Our parents usually say “be careful” yeah, because Uni friends are for life. Just make sure you make the best friends out of your stay!

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No matter what happens or where life takes you, you can never stop being friends with your Uni bestie and here is why:

He/She knows too much.”?
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Probably, you used to be pretty good at keeping secrets, and then you met your bestie. Now he/she knows every embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you and all of your weird habits. whenever something good happens, whenever you hear any gossip, or whenever you have big news, you call your bestie first!

You dislike the same people, for the same reasons.

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We’ll just leave this one with no explanation. It is what it is.

No one else would put up with you as your bestie does.

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Because you’re just as loud, annoying, and hyper as each other. You’re amused by all of your goofy ideas and you’re always up for an adventure, even if it’s stupid.

Nobody Gon’ tell you the truth!

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even when it hurts, your bestie still tells you the truth. support your decisions.

Even though your bestie is never afraid to tell you when you’re wrong, you still get helped out whenever you decide to do something.

Who’ll cheer you up when you’re down?

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Whenever you’re in a bad mood and just want to sit at your hostel alone and throw a pity party, your bestie won’t let you!

Who’s a better wingman than your bestie?

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Whether it means cancelling plans and third wheeling when you hang out with a potential bae or walking up to a random guy and saying “hey, my friend thinks you’re cute”, your bestie will always hold a bro/sis down.

Besties listen when no one else will.

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Because sometimes you just need to whine about something that barely even matters and your bestie is the only one who will listen without judging and give you advice on what to do about it.

Seen you at your worst and still loves you.

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You’ve seen each other cry over a stupid boy/girl, sweaty and gross after a day in the sun, and sicker than a dog, but never once have you stopped loving yourselves. 

If you still have the courage to cut ties with your uni bestie, then you too erh hmmm……

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