UCC: Meet Team Success, The Makers of UCC’s Organic Soap- Success Moringa Soap.

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We found the kuulpeeps behind UCC’s organic soap- Success Moringa Beauty Soap. In our interview with the group of students behind the soap, they reveal how they met, their decision to produce soaps amongst other interesting revelations. Take a look at our interview below.

KuulpeepsUCC: We have heard a lot about Success Company, what is it all about?

Success: Success Company is a group of students who are in the production of organic soap.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did it all begin?

Success:  We were initially a group of students who won an award for the best idea in a trade fair competition organized by the School of Business of UCC. After the fair and the award, we decided to promote our idea further, so we ended up producing a 100% organic soap- Success Moringa Soap.

KuulpeepsUCC: Were you always optimistic of winning the competition?

Success: Not really, other groups had equally commendable products.

KuulpeepsUCC: Whose idea was it to produce soap?

Success: Funny enough we can’t tell whose specific idea it was, we all decided unanimously.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did you guys start with production?

Success: A member of the team had a brother who was into the production of soaps, his brother agreed to teach us the process, we picked up fast and we’ve never looked back. We learnt the entire process as a team.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did you initially finance the company?

Success: We contributed personally. We are a group of ten so we had a little amount to start with.

KuulpeepsUCC: How has the reception towards the soap been so far?

Success: It’s been great; we’ve sold over 2000 pieces on UCC campus alone. We’ve received orders a few from abroad also.

KuulpeepsUCC: How do you combine school with business?

Success: It’s challenging combining the two. We produce on average 100 soaps every week so time management it’s our issue but we still tackle both aspects of our lives well. It’s challenging but we are committed.

KuulpeepsUCC: What should we expect from Team Success and Success Company in the next years.

Success:  We hope to expand Success Moringa Soap beyond UCC to other campuses as well. We have other amazing products in the making. We want to be a major soap brand in Ghana.

KuulpeepsUCC: We wish you the best of luck!

Success: Thank you guys for having us. We appreciate it.



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