Rhythmz ‘N’ Barz: Sarkodie’s Fire Raps And Two Annoying Siblings Helped Uncover This Young Rapper’s Talent


Meet Collins Nana Baah Asabere. A Level 200 boy studying Political Science and Linguistics in the University of Ghana.

When he’s not dragging himself to lectures, making himself a dutiful future leader, he spends time in a studio, doing what he loves most: making music.

Collins goes by the name Khobby Phloe when he’s dropping bars and giving us pure flames! We heard about him and…do we have to say it?

yeah we will: we had an amazing interview with him on campus!

Kuulpeeps:  How did the name Kobby Phloe come about?

Khobby Phloe:  Well, I am a Tuesday born so yeah…Kobby and I never really liked my first name cos people used to make fun of me. So I used Kobby and just because I got the flow when it comes to rap, I switched it up and made it Phloe. But just so you know, the E in Phloe stands for everlast.

Kuulpeeps: How would you describe your style?

Khobby Phloe:  I rap about anything I feel or see. For me, it’s all about thinking creatively. I wouldn’t say I’m a Twi rapper per se, but I do most of my rap in English and Twi.

Kuulpeeps: What is your genre of music?

Khobby Phloe: Umm right now I am an artiste so I am supposed to be able to do everything but my main thing is Hip-hop.

Kuulpeeps:  When did you start rapping?

Khobby Phloe:  I started rapping in Golden Age School. That’s my JHS. I think I first wrote my first rhyme in JHS 1.

Kuulpeeps: What or who moved you to start rapping in the first place?

Khobby Phloe: It was Sarkodie ooh!

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I was in a car going home from school with my brother and I heard one of his mind-blowing raps and thought that I could do it too. So, I wrote down some bars, went to show it to my sister and lol she laughed at me lol I took it cool….But I always wanted to impress my brother who said that ah me dierr I have shaa so I worked hard to improve on my bars and right now, he brags about me to his friends all the time!

Kuulpeeps:  When was the first time you rapped to people outside your family?

Khobby Phloe: It was in JHS 1. There was this talent show I performed at, with my friend. We came third in the competition. I remember I went to tell my mum and there noor she was asking me about the grades I got that term and I was like ‘Oh’. She even added that, the time I used to write the raps, I could have been learning and she told me to stop but because of the love I had for rapping never stopped.

Kuulpeeps: So right now, how does she feel about you still rapping?

Khobby Phloe: Right now, she’s seen that it’s something I really want to do so she just reminds me to focus on my studies alongside.

Kuulpeeps: Who are your top 6 local artistes?

Khobby Phloe: Manifest, Sarkodie, Kwesi Arthur, Mugeez, Mr Eazi and Stonebwoy.

Kuulpeeps: If you could switch places with any Ghanaian rapper for a day, who would you choose?

Khobby Phloe: Sarkodie most definitely, I like the way he is honourable and consistent and never loses his sauce.

Kuulpeeps: What is it like doing music in school?

Khobby Phloe: It’s not easy at all since we have to be in the studio late at night sometimes and come back to school like 1:30 and you’d still have to go to class the next day. It is really stressful.

KuulpeepsLegon: What do you think can be done for campus rappers?

Khobby Flow: Rap shows could be organized to promote us you know…

KuulpeepsLegon: What goes into the process of writing your music?

Khobby Flow: I rap about things that I see. So, I just have to put myself in the creative mode and the rhymes just flow. Most times, it comes when I am bathing.

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Khobby Flow: Yeah lol I usually have to keep it in my head saa until I am able to type it on my phone. Else I will forget.

Kuulpeeps: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Khobby Phloe: Most of the time, its form the things I listen to, see, feel and what people say.

Kuulpeeps: Which artistes inspire you to do better?

Khobby Phloe: I will say Kojo Cue and Jayso. I really like Jayso.

Kuulpeeps: How do campus-based rappers relate? Is it some form of competition?

Khobby Phloe: It’s really not a ‘pull him down’ relationship. They are really supportive but some people too dey figa.

Kuulpeeps: Which campus rappers do you like the most?

Khobby Phloe: B Botch, Arabic Man and Questo.

Kuulpeeps: You seem shy. Are you??

Khobby Phloe: Lol yeahh I’m a shy person by nature but if it comes to performing, I can jie eye and do it so people don’t know I can actually do that so it surprises them.  And with the hall weeks, I sometimes get stage fright a little.

Check out his Rhythms nBarz freestyle and drop a comment let’s know what you think!!

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