Let’s not puzzle you further. It’s the ‘semen’ we’re talking about guys. Here are some tips to ensure your semen is of good quality.

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 ●Stay away from toxins like lead and chemical solvents

 ●When you ejaculate, your semen should be white or light grey

 ●Don’t have any ‘spare tires’ around your midsection. Ideally, you should have a waist circumference of no more than 40inches.

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●Ensure your diet isn’t overloaded with processed meats

 ●Be a boxer shorts guy. Wearing tight-fitting underwear can result in a lower motility sperm count. Men who wear loose fitting boxers help lower scrotal temperature

 ●Live an active lifestyle. Hit the gym regularly guys or just keep your bodies moving and blood pumping moderately.

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●Your diet should be packed with fatty fish like tuna and salmon. The omega 3 fatty acid in them helps to increase your sperm concentration

 ●Don’t smoke

 ●Drink lots of water

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●Don’t keep mobile phones in your pocket

 ●Don’t frequently ride bikes

 ●Don’t nuke your leftovers in plastic.

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  Embrace these guys and you’ll pretty much have healthy and good quality semen!

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