M.anifest And His Mom Redefined Goals With This Adorable Exchange On Twitter! Yes, His Mother Is On Twitter


What was your first reaction when you saw your mother on social media?

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Mothers on social media can be a nightmare cos lol let’s face it, you don’t want them to see what you do on your page especially on Twitter!

Yesterday was Manifest’s birthday and he gifted all of us with new music and a video. Naturally, he kept receiving love from a whole bunch of artistes and fans and other celebs but one particular birthday wish had us going awwwnn.

His mum.

Manifest’s mum replied one of his posts with a birthday blessing and a declaration of love!

and his response….

It’s cute that he calls his mum M.amafest and we could feel him blush when he probably saw the notification from his mum but hey…Manifest, even though you find it weird that your mum is on Twitter, we think she’s using it pretty well cos for some of us, the first thing our mum would have tweeted is:

”Ah *inserts government name and childhood nicknames followed by something very embarrassing*”

You know what even kills us more over this exchange? She knows how to use hashtags and clearly knows her son’s songs!! She hashtagged his new song “Feels” and his song with King Promise, “Menewoa” and proved she really is the mother of the wordsmith!

Your mum : ”Okaaay so you are ashamed of me now? It is your head that is weird!”

Can M.anifest’s mum adopt us already?

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