GIJ: Here Are Some Unseen Exclusive Pictures Of Our Akwaaba Queens

Gij Queens

We are here to ease the stress from all around, we know by now the I.A season is ongoing and you will need some time off the books and relax.

This is where we come in, we took the liberty to capture some exclusive pictures of the Akwaaba Queens.

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Adelaide Jomo Glivey (Myzz Adele Bae) 

Journalism Diploma 1

(1st Runner-up)

Miss Belinda

Journalism Diploma 1

Mateenah Naa Djama Odoi (aka Mateenarh) 

Diploma 1

(Akwaaba Queen 2018)




We’ve got more information, chillax all the exclusive interviews will be coming up shortly.

They will be embarking on specific projects and guess what…… Yep, we’ve all the juice.

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