Dont Just Use Anything In Your Hair. Find Out The Different Hair Dyes You Can Explore


Whether you choose to admit it or not, dyed hair has become a permanent fixture in the beauty trends this year and since we see our celeb kuul kids like The La Meme Gang championing the use of hair dye, it has been easy joining the train and exploring different colours.

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The issue right now is to know the different types of hair dyes that can be used and what they contain. Image result for truegif

Not all hair colours are created equally and each serves a different purpose. Understanding the components of hair dye is vital to a successful colouring job. So if you are going to dye your hair, which type should you choose?

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1. Temporal Dye

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Usually, most people aren’t so sure they want to explore some colours in their hair. They aren’t sure of how it would look and how long they want it to last in their hair. If you fall under this group of people then this dye is yours. Temporary hair colours serve more to make a fashion statement than to actually dye the hair if you know what we mean.

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Temporary hair dyes do not contain peroxide or ammonia, so there is no colour-lifting involved when these dyes are applied to the hair.

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Temporary dyes consist of compounds having large sized molecules (larger than semi-permanent dyes). Due to their large size, the colour does not penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, the colour just sits outside the hair shaft, very close to the hair surface.

Such a colour can be washed out within one shampooing. But, on poor quality porous hair, even temporary dyes may get absorbed deeper and may stay longer. However, after repeated washes, the colour may lighten considerably since its first application.

2. Semi-permanent Dye

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If you’re ready to take that temporary look a little further, semi-permanent hair colour will do just the trick.

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Semi-Permanent dyes contain smaller particles than temporary colour, so it more easily seeps into the hair shaft. However, since semi-permanent dyes contain only the smallest concentrations of peroxide and ammonia (or sometimes none at all), this colour may last considerably more than temporary colour.

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Like the Temporal Dye, if your hair is thin it could retain semi-permanent colour more.

3. Permanent Dye

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Permanent hair dyes are also known as “oxidation”. This is because an oxidizer (such as hydrogen peroxide) and ammonia are mixed with the colouring agent before application. Permanent dyes don’t have to be applied as often as semi-permanent or temporary colours.

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Permanent hair dye contains a much higher concentration of peroxide and ammonia. Though this colour will fade slightly over time, the overall effect is permanent. The high concentration of peroxide manages to lift the base colour considerably. The colour of the hair is then supplemented by whatever shade of colour particles you may choose.

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So now that you have this information, we hope you’ll be triggered enough to try a new look. Go crazy! Get lime green hair, grey hair or even purple hair! Why? Because you can and it may not affect your hair that badly (depending of course on the way you treat your hair afterwards, the type of hair dye used and the condition of the hair before the dye was used in it).

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