Did Sister Deborah Expertly Troll Fella Makafui After Fella’s Ex-Boyfriend Came For Her Cars?

Medikal, SIster Deborah, Fella Makafui
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Yesterday, we served y’all some hot tea…

We got it hot and we did little to cool it down…

It was all about Fella Makafui’s alleged Ex boyfriend repossessing all the cars he’d given her after her relationship with Medikal went public.

Apparently, Fella Makafui tried to manage the situation by telling her Alhaji boyfriend that she and Medikal’s rumoured love life was a movie and that none of it was real.

However, she was snitched on by the Alhaji’s boys who reportedly told him everything Fella and Medikal had been up to behind his back and that she lied about their love life being a movie role.

The angry Alhaji, reportedly then ordered his boys to retrieve all three cars he’d given Fella Makafui which included a BMW X6, Range Rover Evoque and a Ford Mustang.

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Now, we all know that Fella is the other woman who came between Sister Deborah and Medikal’s love life.

Medikal has said in his song Sister Akoss that he left Sister Deborah for Fella Makafui because of the laters big bum.

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Meanwhile, Sister Deborah has managed to get over the breakup. She’s gone ahead to release one of the most popular songs in her music career, Kakalika Love. She has also launched a social media challenge to promote her song and among others lectured PhD students on the use of Social Media.

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From all indications, she has moved on and positive things are coming into her life.

But when the Fella Makafui incident happened yesterday, coincidentally Sister Deborah released one of many videos of herself singing her “Kakalika Love” hit song.

In the video, she sat in her car (Fella’s expensive cars had been taken away) and she sang Efo Chameleon’s verse on her song, a line of the song mentions ‘Yolo’. The same word was the title of the TV series that made Fella Makafui popular.


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Efo Chameleon the FARMER!!!

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Hey… it could be a coincidence but damn… it must be a very good one.

What do y’all think? A coincident or subtle trolling from Sister Deborah.

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