Bisa Kdei Doesn’t Have A Daughter, He’s Neither Married Nor Dating And He Doesn’t Have A WhatsApp Phone


The 32-year-old award-winning musician, Bisa Kdei has used the Instagram ‘Ask Me A Question’ feature to dispel a few fan-cultivated rumours about him.

To most people, Bisa seems to live a secluded life, as compared to most of his colleague musicians.

He keeps to himself and only does a media-run when he is promoting a song… For the most part too, he has stayed away from the social media ‘beefs’ and controversies that seem to be the order of the day now.

For that matter, you’d know that a lot of rumours peddled against him may have graduated into facts because he didn’t share a post on social media to dispel them.

Yesterday, when he asked his fans to ask him anything on Instagram, his love life quickly became a topic of interest.

Some even asked of a daughter he claims he doesn’t have, and one also accused him of not replying to WhatsApp messages…meanwhile, he said he doesn’t own a WhatsApp phone…

Check out the interaction between Bisa Kdei and his fans on IG… from the horse’s own mouth, well, thumbs…

When your friends are gossiping about Bisa the next time you meet, share this story with them to set the record straight.

…but the WhatsApp phone though!!!

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  1. You better mind your business for once. He doesn’t have a WhatsApp phone so that one too heaven certificate or is it a must for everyone to use WhatsApp. Oh Ghanaians be positive towards one another for once


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