After The Death Of ‘JUST’ 193 People Work To Complete The Medina-Adenta Footbridge Will Start Next Week

Madina Adenta Footbridge

A total of about 193 people have reportedly been killed by motorists on the Madina-Adenta highway due to the absence of a footbridge in 2018 alone.

The sad part of the matter is that the footbridges are actually there but they are inaccessible due to the unavailability of a staircase or disability way for pedestrians to reach the top of the footbridge to cross the speedway.

For 193 people to senselessly lose their lives in such a situation makes one wonder why we take pride in queuing at 1 a.m just so we can vote for someone who will obviously lack in their performance of their duties.

No… we’re not saying do not vote. For if you don’t, the ‘stupid’ people will vote for their ‘stupid’ kind to come and pass ‘stupid’ laws, take our taxes, plunge us into huge amounts of debts and rule over you ‘stupidly’.

So by all means, do vote when elections come… but then that’s not it.

Like the residents of the Madina-Adenta did yesterday, when the leaders fail to act, take an action and see the leaders follow you, the governed.

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Sad that in 2018 we are fighting about the building a cathedral, which has its own merits, but that outweighs the need to provide footbridges and ambulances.

The question is, when all of us die, who… who at all will be worshipping in the glorious cathedral built to praise the name of the living God for all that He has done.

At least, if we are hell-bent on building a country that praises God, the least and the first thing we ought to do is to keep the citizens alive. For it is human beings we need people to worship God, He knows that and that’s why after creating all that there is, He created man.

The very best way to wag our hypocritical tails in front of God and show him that out of all his children in the world, it is Ghanaians who love and obey him the most, is to provide ambulances, hospital beds and goddamn footbridges.

It is said that the resounding voice of the people is the voice of God, so in a Democracy like ours when the majority of the people speak and choose a leader, it is safe to assume that it was the Lord’s choice or His voice spoke through the people.

Well, this voice of the Lord is not doing what it should do.

Sympathies to the families of the 193 people. We hope it ends there.

No more…


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