UG: Hey Fresher! Here Are 5 Things You Have To Remember For Your Examinations.

During this period our minds are exams exams !!! Even though the phone, movies and the likes try to steal our attention but odeeshii we shall still learn

Some of these important things can beat our minds before or during a paper.


Most people due to the pressure are likely to forget their students ID cards in their purses, bags and lockers. If you are lucky, you can get a provisional ID at the prescribed place. Butguys, why don’t we avoid the stress of running around.



The era of who has 2 pens is over!! The night before the paper, get your sharpeners, erasers, pens, pencils, math set, and calculators if necessary ready!! Because, time won’t stop for you to ask for another pen and besides talking is prohibited.



Exams pressure can make you forget your venue. You would be thinking NNB is NB. To avoid this, go through your timetable carefully and if possible ask your friends to recheck as well. Imagine going to CC to write a paper meanwhile your venue is NNB.



This is mostly important when writing a UGRC. For Aca. Writing you will be blessed with list of lecturer’s names below but its best to go to Class as well to know the name of your lecturer and group number. Best, check your WhatsApp group or ask friends. Also, make sure to write them on your answer sheets to help the lecturer to locate your paper easily.



Remember to sign against your index number and sign the attendance sheet as well. Otherwise, yawa for you

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