UG: Exams Season So What!? Here Are 4 Simple Make Up Tips So You Are Not Late For Your Papers.

Exams is stressful charley! Dawn studies, chilling in the reading room, the all night sessions in the 24hr reading room, group studies, extra tutorials, the pasco that you leave for the last, your books scattered on your bed… this is like the most stressful time of the sem. But hey all this hustle shouldn’t hold you back. Ladies you can still flaunt your makeup skills in these dark times. You’re asking how? We got you.

Here are the essentials you’ll need.


Shape and fill out your eyebrows.


Apply foundation, using your fingers, brush. Don’t forget to go a little below your jawline. Dab on a bit of face powder after everything to keep your face less oily.


Flaunt your lashes with some mascara. Take your time so you don’t poke your eye.


If a lipliner is your thing, you can line the outer edges of your mouth before your apply your lipstick. Avoid the really loud colours cos they might be distracting to others.

The key is to go simple. You don’t have time to spare. This isn’t the time for smokey eyeshadow or contouring and highlighting. You really don’t want to be waiting for your setting powder to bake your face at 7:15 when your paper is at 7:30.

Look good, feel good. Best wishes in your exams!


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