King Promise Finally Flies To New York After The US Embassy Granted Him A Visa

Someone is going to make America fell the love…

King Promise is coming to town, people… get ready for a super duper Christmas with the ‘Oh yeah’ hitmaker.

We told y’all that King Promise had been forced to cancel shows because the US Embassy in Ghana has withheld his passport after he applied for a Visa.

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The whole Visa issue had put King Promise in limbo – unable to travel to the US to perform at all the booked gigs, and he could not make arrangement to travel to other countries because his passport was held by the US Embassy.

However, we are super happy to report that if he hasn’t already landed then he is probably just hours away from landing at the JFK Airport in New York.

The US Embassy literally handed over his passport to him yesterday with a Visa to travel to the US to perform.

He will be performing in New York and later in Philadephia.

We are happy that the US Embassy has resolved the issue to enable King Promise to travel to the US.

… and the US fans are so lucky to see him perform live for them.

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