GIMPA: What Nobody Tells You About Final Year In Collage.

You know what’s tough? Your final year of college.

Sure, it’s all easy and fun till it’s your turn and you have to experience it on your own. Before getting to the final year we all thought we had things under control and everything else figured out.

We mostly get into the final year knowing to ask ourselves what next? Not knowing what the real world has in store for us. We turn to set goals and make plans to keep us in line for the future.

Life becomes a balancing act.

By the end of college , we all getting pulled in different directions . Thinking of what you will be doing right after Graduation , the work your plan on doing , the next college and course you plan on  furthering your education. It ’s like walking on a tightrope everyday not knowing what next.

You probably feel lost for a little bit .

With everything going and not much to sort through it, you can easily lose sight of yourself and what you want out of life .  You are faced with lots of decisions , from the mundane to massive  grad school or real job, living at home or finding your own place . Prepare to feel a bit confused when you don’t  have the answers to everything single questions, you might start to doubt your self and even your capabilities.

Well, all in all just wish someone would have told me his experience for me to have prepared for this .


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