Boy Bye But You Still Run Back To Him When He Calls. Read This To Understand Why You Keep Going To Your Ex!

“Hello, it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you would like to meet to go over everything…”

Trust us, after listening to that song and it is done injecting you with its musical venom, the biological electrolysis that ensues in a boy-girl relationship should have an effect on you. Lmao, too much English, all we meant is, after listening to this song, your body will be doing you logorligi. 

One way or another, we may have had that experience of heartbreak, that ex. But funny how we remember the past that we promised to never go back to.

But why? These seven reasons why we tend to go back to our exes should be enough to explain why we desire to freshly cut that familiar scar so badly at times.



1. The feeling that you’ve been through a lot together in terms of history and experiences.

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This is one reason most people fall victim. After learning what irritates him/her and what makes him happy, his addictions, his Obsessions and The things he hated. Basically, you’re a museum- You’ve literally harbored all the values, morals and habits of just one person. Even in not-so-good times, there was a sense of belonging.

I mean, he probably was your antidote when you had menstrual cramps and you were his chef when he was broke. You obviously cannot possibly ditch someone like this completely.

Like every other victim out there, thinking about the fact that you guys have journeyed through a lot makes it just too easy to pick up the phone and call or text.

2. Forgetfulness

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Most people literally forget why their exes are called exes in the first place, usually because they are busy replaying the good old memories in their minds.

The gag is that anything at all can trigger good memories- from a certain smell in the air, a particular food or place to a tattoo or piercing.

In our minds, the good times have overridden the negative parts (you choose to ignore).

You start to imagine meeting and catching up on old times. After all, even though you guys broke up, you’re still friends right? 

You can still meet and talk about anything right? I mean , he knows everything about you; he can probably help you out of the dilemma you’re in atm

One word for you- sigh!!-

3. Loneliness

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It may not always be your fault that you can’t stop making the same old mistakes. Being single sucks sometimes. I mean Beyoncé’s empowerment game is pretty strong, but you have to give an independent sister some break at a point.

It may not be obvious, but loneliness is definitely one reason why you would end up in the arms of your ex. In order to get over your very recent break-up, you may probably seek solace from a much worse source- the other ex!

4.Continuing to relate to your ex

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Abi you keep texting him or her? It’s just friendship now, right? Besides, you have moved on and you are dating someone else so it may not be too dangerous.

You have a point oo it’s just that when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly it doesn’t die a caterpillar. Some people may be in the position where they have to work or study with their exes, ignoring the fact that dating someone else won’t erase the physical and emotional feelings you have caged in your heart for your ex.

The mistake you are making that is causing you to go back to your ex is the fact that you are allowing yourself to put up with the presence of your ex. If you’ve moved on then you’d have to practically prove it.

5. Indecisiveness

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Some of you just don’t know what you really want. You need to know whether you want to go all in or totally out. Your issue is that you are indecisive (or both of you are)! That is the reason you continue to go back to your ex.

Better make up your mind, what do you mean? (Preach Justin Bieber)

6. The feeling of guilt

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This usually happens if you’re the reason you’re no longer in a relationship anymore. I mean, if you caused the breakup, it’s understandable if you don’t necessarily want to enter another one. I mean, it’s easier to be friends with benefits right? 👀

7. Your ex being better than your current lover

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He is probably a bigger beast than your current or has better features you wouldn’t mind transferring to your babies any day. 

Oooorrr, he just has some maaad skills in the bedroom that you legit cannot get over. He/she knows your body so well and the chemistry is already there sooo Yh! Why not right? After all, the body count doesn’t even go up!

Do any of these points apply to you? They do? Bruh just stop in your tracks! You need to take control of your feelings Charley. You don’t need to go back to your ex unless you’re very sure about what you’re doing.

Sometimes, yes, it’s therapeutic 🌚. I mean, it can jolt your mind back to the reality about why you two couldn’t work. But at other times, getting involved with an ex messes things up emotionally. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing.




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