UG: Hey Girl! Here Is Why You Should Stop Stressing Over These 7 Things And Focus On Your Papers.

Girls worry a lot oo eii

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If you’ve been there before,you’ll admit how more they worry when we’re close to exams and during exams.The force behind it is yet to be known.Well sometimes for good reasons. But we think there are certain things that we should stop worrying about if we really want to get our GPA rising starting now!

1.Relationship goals

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If You’re lucky to be in a relationship that’s loving and respectful, don’t pressure yourself into trying to reach some weird goals like “making time for your boyfriend all the time” or “having to go to all the places in town” or anything like that. You’re in love and happy enjoy that. Don’t let others push you into something you don’t want or need.Just study darling.Your boyfriend will be proud of you when your name is on the Valedictorian list.

2.Complicated Makeup Routine

It’s totally fine to forego makeup on days you don’t have time for it, or just put on some concealer and mascara and run out the door. Other days, when you feel like it, go ahead and glam up, but it’s not a routine, it’s a fun thing you get to do when inspiration strikes. During this period;Just let the makeup gooo.

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Getting an A is not easy dear..Save that make up time for some past questions review.

3. Fake Friends

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It’s probably social media’s fault that we all strive to have as many friends as possible. We all now have these multiple friends who eats away at our time. If you can’t talk to your friends honestly and frankly – they’re not real friends. It’s way better to have a small circle of true friends than a huge one of fake acquaintances.Just forget about them and focusssssssss.

4. Looks

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I mean,we all know sanitation bla have to sweep,wash,arrange your locker and other things. After all, you’re a girl, what will people think? You know what? If someone judges you because of how you look during exams,just forget them because after all you check your gpa alone.Exams doesn’t last oo charley.Just befriend your books for now and think about all the dressing and cleanliness after exams..Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bath or sweep.

5. Guys With Commitment Issues

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The amount of mental stress this causes us and how much mental energy we spend worrying about this is insane. Let’s just all agree to stop right away. No more worrying about guys who can’t commit. Dump them, you don’t need them. You deserve better than this.Focus in that A and the best time to do that is Now!!

6.. Diet

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So many girls feel like they have to be on a diet. As long as you eat healthy on a daily basis, a little cake once in a while never hurt anyone. Have a treat and burn it off with a nice walk. It’s not the end of the world.Realize that stress,get time to study and A won’t be beans.

7. Weight

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While we’re on the topic, let’s talk about weight too. Why is weight something girls worry about? It’s just a number. So many girls strive for a certain number on the scales, when in reality, if you’re happy with how you look that number is completely meaningless.Eat all you can if you have the time to.You can do it.

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