UG: Forget CCTV Camera! Here Are 3 Reasons Why People Cheat In Exams.


That moment when you’re in the exam hall, and you have thought saa, and nothing is coming; or, frankly, nothing on the exam paper looks familiar; what are you going to do?

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And why would you do what you’re going to do?

Here are three reasons why we think people cheat!

Great Expectations

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 Family, friends and sometimes lecturers, without even realizing it, place a burden on students. Ordinarily, this is supposed to be positive, motivating the student to study harder and make it big time. Sometimes, this expectation backfires and becomes a weighty burden the student has to bear. School isn’t easy at all; and sometimes, it becomes stressful. So, in order not to disappoint, this poor student will resort to unscrupulous measures such as cheating.

The questions are hard like rock:

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Lol! There are some papers that no matter how much you study; you won’t see top. Like the lecturers enjoy mafiaing their students. Ebei! The situation may be hopeless, and the last resort may be to cheat.

Inadequate preparations:

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From the beginning of the sem, some students manage to forget that at the end of the sem, there would be exams to be written. They’ll chill saa then the night to the exam, they will try to cram a whole sem’s work. Charley, you know this isn’t effective, and the probability that you’d go to the exam hall totally unprepared or inadequately prepared is very high. Start early. Start the revision early, or else you’ll try and justify cheating.

But you nah you know that none of these reasons justifies cheating. The school regulations prohibit cheating of all forms. If you are caught, charley you’ll be hot.

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