UG: Beware! These 3 Things Will Definitely Waste Your Study Time.

It is that time of the semester when you need to save up every second of your time and invest it into your academics because GPA is real. You have planned to dedicate these last few days to serious studies. Someway somehow, time goes by so quickly and by the time you realise, the day has ended, and you haven’t accomplished what you set out to do.

Here are a few things which may be wasting your time.

Your Phone

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Be honest with yourself, your phone is a huge distraction. With it in your hand, your attention is easily diverted. You went online to ask a friend to clarify something for you, and by the time you realise, you are engaged in a conversation you didn’t even know you had to have. You could leave your phone far away from you when you’re studying. 

The movies and series!

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Especially the series. Just 40 minutes, you say. Afterwards, you’d return to your books. Before you realise, the suspense alone has led you to watch about 4 more episodes and valuable time has been wasted. Funny enough, you can watch them throughout the night without blinking; but you take a book and see, sleep will overpower you like something. Discipline yourself.

The Unnecessary Chatter

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This is not the time to stop by every friend’s room and talk. Time is honestly not on your side. Halt the visitations and get down to business. You may not realise it, but all the time you spend in conversations that are not urgent could be used to learn. But that does not mean that make yourself a hermit because of your exams oh. Find and maintain the balance.

Remember: GPA is real, and there is more rest after labour.

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