Congratulations To All Who Graduated From The University This Year. Here’s A Message For You!

Congratulations on finishing your 4-year journey to self-discovery, experiences that will lead you onto bigger opportunities and friendships that you can count on later in life.

The heartbreaks, the love found, crushes never pursued, parties classified as part of the good ol’ days and the host of others are the things you’ll remember and wish you could relive.

For those thinking and, in some instances, overthinking of life from here, don’t worry. Your 20s are not for worrying. It is not about weighing your choices against heavy objectives and certainly not about the what ifs.

They are meant to be fun, spontaneous and devoid of judgments. You may ‘blow’ in the next year or two or hit the jackpot in the next decade, but that shouldn’t be the worry right now. This is the time for growing and finding the person you truly want to be.

The 1001 pressures that will be breathing down your neck at every turn is also true but it shall pass. For those who made it into the elite 1st class honorees, congrats oooh.

Great as it may be, it only looks good on your CV and gets you entry into the interview room. However, from there, it’s up to your grit and ability to learn quickly and better on your feet. The competition from here is up to you!

So, as you transition from a student to a national service person, just know that the most important trait for your next boss will be how you think and apply yourself.

The 3 or 4 years you spent in school should mean something and for them, it has to be a mindset that is different and a forceful attitude.

Congrats and make sure your voice is heard.

The world is waiting for you!

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