Sonnie Badu Goes After Pastors Who Refuse To Pay Musicians In Their Church 

Sonnie Badu

Preach on Pastor… Preach!!!

Gospel musicians everywhere, especially in Ghana will applaud Sonnie Badu for speaking up about what has always been the elephant in the room between pastors and musicians in the church.

There are resident musicians in churches who attend every service, follow the pastor around and don’t receive a dim for all the hours they put in.

The musicians lead everything from opening prayer to praise and worship and offertory, some are even required to sign solo every now then and all these require a lot of work and rehearsals.

As a musician turned founder and pastor of the Rockhill Church, Sonnie Badu knows all too well the attitude some of his colleague pastors have towards putting his colleague musicians on a payroll.

He’s had the unique opportunity of dabbling in both worlds.

It is common for pastors to refuse to pay musicians especially when the musicians are church members but Sonnie Badu says that is not right.

According to him, once the person does music as his or her job and he or she is skilful at it, the church ought to pay the musician for his or her services…

He makes his point perfectly clear in the video below…


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Everybody deserves to make a living from what they do as their profession…. musicians everywhere ought to be paid when they render a service… Either inside or outside a church.

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