Nooooopppee!! Check Out 5 Makeup Hacks You Should Definitely Avoid!


Yeaaahh we understand that times are hard and all of those excuses but Charley if you follow all these beauty bloggers blindly without researching on your own, you will destroy your skin. Some hacks really work, but at what expense? You solve one problem alright but you cause a different one for yourself the next minute.

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Well, enough of the long talk. Check out 5 makeup hacks that you most definitely need to avoid… like seriously avoid oo, when you see it coming from the left, go the other way…

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1. Permanent Marker as Liquid Eyeliner

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This one de3 we blame Taylor Swift for bringing it into the spotlight but even that one saf, she confessed that she had once used a permanent marker oo. Keyword: “once”!! Some of you have blindly taken it as an endorsement to go and buy permanent markers to draw lines on your eyes. Sis, no! No No No No No! You know how some trends are just not it? Yh… this one is part.

2.   Permanent Marker For Eyebrows

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We personally haven’t seen this one yet but apparently, people have been using it. First of all, how do you apply something that toxic to your face? Ei. Your skin! Around your eyes! See er! If you are supposed to choose between not drawing the brows and drawing them with permanent marker, girl, leave them brows as they are! After all, you cannot come and kill yourself.

3. Crayons as liner and Lipstick

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Apparently, people soak the crayons in water and then apply them as liners and lipsticks. Crayola even issued a statement against using any of their products as makeup. Because- crazy, we know, -crayons aren’t meant to be used on the face!

4. Using Deodorant as a Face Primer

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This whole list is giving us a headache. Wait. What??? Deodorant for your armpits?? On your face??

For some reason, it sounds logical, right? Deodorant keeps your armpits matte and dry, so it should do the same for your face, yes? Except, oh, wait—your face isn’t an armpit.

Deodorant contains aluminium salts and strong fragrances that can be super irritating to your face, causing red, flaky patches and inflaming acne and bumps.

Stick to the normal primer made for your face!

5. Using Lemon and Baking Soda To Brighten Armpits

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Congrats! You’ve essentially created a mixture that can burn through the depths of your skin. Yay!

Not only can scrubbing your skin with sugar cause micro tears and irritation, but the combination of lemon, which is super acidic on the pH scale, and baking soda, which is super basic, will severely irritate your skin and even lead to burns. But sure, if you burn a hole through your skin, I guess it will get rid of discolouration.


Before you decide to hop on to any outrageous trend, try and research about it first. Don’t just jump on any trend just because you can.

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