UG: Get Ready To Be Blown Away, Presenting To You The Finest People In Hilla Limann Hall.


You might have seen these people in your halls, lecture rooms and around. Through our search, we found out that Limann hosts most of the finest people on campus. So relax and let’s take a stroll through their hall.

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As the order of the day, ladies first so, we have Bosokah Jessica Xoese,

She is a level 200 Political Science and English Student. A fine girl who likes reading ,whoooaaat!! She is the type who throws big words at boys when they try to toast her. Lol ..her IG is @__cherry.x

The next to join the list is iSupreme’s Chief Operations Manager, Gabriel Brunny. No wonder he cherishes entrepreneurship and is also a fun type.

He is in level 300, studying English and Political Science. His dm is empty; let us help him fill it up, lol. His handle is @gabriel_brunny.

Emmaunella Adegor is a music lover, who has an interest in modelling and acting. It will never be a dull moment with her. She is in her 2nd year studying BSc.Administration.

Adding up to the list is a level 100, Carlton Pearson Opoku-Acheampong reading Russian, Information Studies and Political Science. Carlton is a big-time basketball freak, his admiration? Oh yeah, it’s kevin Durant. @_carlton.p you can explore his ig.

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@jhenneyaydoo is Limann’s very own Organizing Secretary, a level 400 consumer science student. Jennifer Aidoo is an entertainment lover, who has a passion for acting and taking up leadership roles.

Ghana’s first female president? We live to see.

To add up to the list, is the famous @_ghanajollof on IG. Lawrence Akufo- Kisiedu has great admiration for the navy and oil industry, no wonder he studies Marine Science.

Ladies look sharp and shoot your shot you could have an historic wedding in a submarine.

To keep her moving in life as a limited edition, she has 3L’s, Live, Love and Laugh. Faustina Okyere is a 3rd year student reading social work and sociology. Her handle is @say_stina.

Looks like all the models are in Limann, since we have Joseph Laryea Tetteh as @tjay_the_badman on Ig.

A level 300 biochemistry student who enjoys watching movies in his free time.

To top up, is Collins Churchill, a lover of arts and pop music. As a level 300 student of Pharmacy, he does sports to keep his body fit.

We have Sarah Afiyoo Kisseh, an extrovert, studying Agribusiness in her final year.

Guys guess what? The kitchen is her playing ground so if you are hungry just Slide into her dm @sarah_kisses1

Were you at Supremacy 2018? Yes!! We have the boss himself, a brand strategist and content Clinton McKay Jr. CEO and creative director of iSupreme Ghana.

He’s an ardent music and entertainment enthusiast and very passionate about startups and emerging talents.

Just imagine having a such a smart and beautiful lawyer to defend you!! Bruh!!

You are already on top. Fa-iza Issaka is in her 3rd year in the law school; her ig @_fa.iza_ is saucy as she likes going to places and designing clothes.

Stephanie O’Neal is a Political Science 100 student who can turn up the crowd with her crazy dance moves.

Want to stalk her more? Her handle is @say.oneal


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  1. LMFAOOO some of them are not even in Limann
    And who said these people are the nicest
    Just a few of them are
    Kindly do your checks well and don’t post these pictures because they are your friends


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