Lydia Forson Allegedly Calls Medikal A Liar Just An Hour After He Sent A Love Letter To Fella Makafui


Yes, this is another Sister Deborah and Medikal messy breakup story.

Since we reported about the rumours that the two have called it quit, the two started dropping hints on social media to confirm the story.

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However, the social media trolling by two have taken on so many twists and turns that it’s even getting crazy.

Medikal released a diss song “Ah Wada” and an animation that virtually confirmed that he dumped Sister Deborah to follow a big booty woman – Fella Makafui.

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Then Sister Deborah quickly replied with her now top charts making hit song “Kakalika Love”, which also questions why Medikal and Fella were secretive about their romance.

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However, before all these happened, Lydia Forson, the award-winning actress and Sister Deborah’s bestie, had already warned us that the break up is one hot mess.

Lydia Forson unintentionally called the break up a “mess” when she took on a blog for misrepresenting a tweet she had sent earlier about being the kind of friend who pulls up when her friends need her. In the tweet, she mentioned Sandra Ankobiah, Yvonne Okoro and Sister Deborah.

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In a funny twist of events, Medikal literally copied Lydia Forson’s tweet and changed the names to that of Sarkodie and other celeb friends on his.

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Now, just an hour after Medikal took to Instagram to send Fella Makafui a romantic open love letter, Lydia Forson also seems to take a jab at Medikal.

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“You can’t be with someone who woefully lies for a living and not think they won’t lie to you. Aden wa da anaa 😂😂😂😂😂 abowaa,” Lydia Forson said in a tweet today.

Come on….”Wa da anaa” is currently a Medikal term which he is using to push his song ‘Ah Wada’ and for Lydia Forson to use it clearly shows that the tweet is directed at Medikal.

But that’s not all, she also said “I’m the kind of friend that will laugh with you and AT you! Siiiiiaaaaaaaaaa next time. 😂 #KakalikaLove.”

Oh….. “Wa da anaa” then #KakalikaLove is just the confirmation that Lydia Forson is taking on Medikal.

This thing is really getting messy meanwhile, Sister Deborah is laughing to the bank as her song gains popularity and more streams on music streaming platforms.

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She has even launched a prize money challenge as she has committed to give GHS 1,000 to the person with the most creative #KakalikaChallenge video.

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