CCTU: 6 Ways To Know If You Are Consuming The Right Amount Of Salt

Salt adds flavour to food. But then, too much of something is poisonous-salt not excluded.
If you are ever asking for more salt or you are okay even when everyone is complaining that the food has too much salt, you are probably taking too much. And, too much salt could lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and kidney disease.

So how do you tell if you are consuming the right amounts of salt? These signs are a clear warning that you need to reduce your salt intake:

1. Thirst
Thirst may simply mean you are dehydrated or you could also have diabetes. However, it is also a sign that you need to go slow on salt. Too much consumption of salt messes up with your body fluids as salt sucks water from your cells leaving your body screaming for more water.

2. Frequent urination
Those frequent visits to the bathroom can be annoying yet you can’t resist them once the call comes. If you have been consuming a lot of salt, it could affect your kidneys leading to frequent urination. The urine colour also changes to almost clear.

3. Swelling
Salt leads to fluids retention.
You could develop some strange swellings on your toes, ankles or fingers because your body is holding excess fluids. This condition is known as oedema and you need to reduce your salt intake to treat it.

4. Bloating
Salt encourages the retention of fluids in your system. When you take too much salt, the water retained in your stomach makes you feel bloated. It could also lead to stomach irritation.


5. Brain fog
Salt causes brain fog (Modern Day MS)
Studies have shown that too much salt affects the brain function as one ages. Also, too much salt causes the blood vessels to swell giving you a headache.

6. Food is tasteless
With time, your taste buds get affected if you have been feeding them too much salt. So your food starts tasting less and less delicious and you get prompted to consume more and more salt.


Now we know what too much salt can do to our body. Let’s stay healthy always…..


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