UG: Yikes! Exam Season. Are You Ready To Meet These Invigilators?

We have less than 2 weeks to enter the battlefield.

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When you enter your exam hall, after being searched and your ID inspected, here are 3 types of invigilators you may meet or have met already, depending on the number of years you have walked on Legon grounds.

Those who jie eye:

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They have been like us before, so they understand perfectly. They have seen your eyes darting to around like an owl’s, or your neck stretching like a giraffe, but they won’t mind you. But if you dare put them in any kind of trouble, consider your paper cancelled. They are not as lenient as they appear oh, they mark exam scripts with iron hands.

Those who won’t spare you:

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These are the no-nonsense and stern invigilators. If you do and they barb you in the exam hall, you’re finished. No excuse will be tolerated. If you get these invigilators, just know that this exam you’re writing erh, it’s just you, your paper, your index number and your God.

Those who don’t know what’s happening:

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You wonder how they don’t realise something is going on in the exam hall. It’s like they can’t see what is happening at all. If you get such an invigilator, you know deep down that your operations would be successful.


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