UG: 99.9% Of These People Are In The Reading Rooms Now. Which One Are You?


Exam fever has gripped people erh!

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It is serious. Some people you have never seen before suddenly come to occupy your favourite spot in the library or the reading room.

Anyway, so as you go to the reading rooms and library to prepare, here are 5 different kinds of people you are bound to meet.

The perpetual sleepers:

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These people, avoid as much as possible, sitting close to them. They’ll turn you into their alarms, asking you to wake them up in about 30 minutes only to go back to sleep right after you wake them up. Sleep is contagious. If you are not lucky, you’ll find yourself dozing just by sitting too close to them.

What we cannot understand is how you can leave your comfortable bed and come and sleep ha-tee in the library and reading rooms.

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Then when they wake up, they’ll carry their big books back and just be sheeing impre.


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These people are usually studying goals. You’ll go and meet them every time They’ll still be there when you’re leaving. Making you feel unserious because you came to meet them. You wonder if you came to school at all when you see their scholastic show. They can study hours on ends and burn midnight candles nyinaa.

The let-me-also-go some-because-my-friends-are-going people:

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These people have succumbed to positive peer pressure. But the thing is when they finally come, you realise that it’s like they have been forced to be there. They are the ones who come and chitchat as if they couldn’t talk when they were outside.

Phone-gbees: Once in a while and/or more than often, we all find ourselves in this category.  You will pick it up to check the time or WhatsApp a friend to help you out with a question, by the time you realise, you are just scrolling through people’s statuses or actively engaged in a convo you didn’t even know you had to have.

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But these phone-gbee people dierr, it’s a chronic illness. From the time they get into the reading room or library until they leave, their phones would be actively used by them for anything but academic purposes. You’re not researching on a topic bia: stop lying to yourself. Drop that phone and get to serious scholastic business, will you!

The observers:

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These are the self-appointed library prefects and reading room monitors. They keep looking around. Do fi-fi, their eyes will be on you.

If your phone rings or you drag your chair or whisper too loudly or the rubber you’re tearing to reach the biscuit makes too much noise, they will look at you like…….

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If they had their way anka, they’ll have reading rooms to themselves. But wishes are not horses, are they? They are the ones who can walk up to you and actually tell you, you are disturbing.

But for real, try very hard to obey all the rules of the reading room and library. Please don’t go and be doing group discussions there. It is very annoying, you nah you know. Or late in the night when studying has made people hungry, then you’ll be eating chibom and drinking FanMaxx or Brukina to disturb people’s stomachs.

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Please, it’s not fair. But Charley, don’t forget to rest oh, you don’t want to break down on the night to the paper. Stay safe and learn smart.


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