Ashesi: #AnonymousWrites: Ladies, Find Out Mind-Blowing Things That Make Guys Happy


In one way or another, we’ve all been in a relationship before. For ladies, there are times when we wonder, what is it that makes a man happy.

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We took to social media and asked guys to tell the ladies what it is that makes them happy. And we sure did get some interesting responses.

The names of the people in the article are different. 

“For me, nothing makes me happy. Just give me the respect, care, loyalty, understanding, etc. and then the happiness will come naturally by itself, without the need to spend anything all in the name of pleasing.” – Yaw

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“Our hobbies. Being with my lady.” – Kwasi

“Sex. Simply sex.” – Kwame

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“Let us all mind our business. Don’t enter our privacy. That’s all.” – Lorenzo

“It depends. It’s knowing those around me, especially my loved ones, are happy. Now if it has to do with a relationship, what makes me happy is spending good time with my girlfriend. And by good time I mean things like being on the sofa watching tv with her head on my chest, playing in bed. Take a walk holding our hands. Yeah, things like that make me very happy.” – Clarence

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“We, we’re not complicated ooo. Just worry me kɛkɛ. Not stressful worry ooo. For example, when I’m playing a game then you’ll come and sit between my legs and we’ll take it from there. And be thoughtful. Perceptive. Know that we’re one. You’re my bestie.” – Sam

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“Just don’t be a slay queen. The time I want to make out is when you’ve woken up fresh. Your hair is messy af and you’re disoriented.” – Mike

What makes you guys happy? Let’s continue the conversation on Instagram at Kuulpeeps Ashesi.

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