UG: Hilla Limann Hall In Crisis Over JCR Elections.


Hilla Liman Hall is in chaos as both parties running for presidency have opposing views as to how elections should be conducted just a day before the election.

The JCR elections were slated for Friday, however, it could not come off.

The two parties standing for the presidential elections seem to have different views of how the elections should be conducted.

One candidate known as Kay by the electorates is requesting for electronic system of voting whiles his opponent known as Keelson is requesting for a manual system of voting.

These differences in views seem not to go down well with either party’s supporters and therefore the election is on the brick of being cancelled.

Both candidates, and their executives had already agreed on the electronic system only for electoral commission to say they are changing from electronic to manual because one candidate, Keelson showed no interest in the electronic and this comes just some few hours to the elections.

The running mate to Keelson who doubles as the deputy speaker for KNESSET, Hilla Limman Hall was the one who even presided over the use of the electronic system, only for this same party to retract and say opposite when the elections stares right in the faces of the people.

The instability keeps getting high and we pray this is settled before the week begins.

We will keep you updated.

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