Can These Be Called Art Or Are They Just Plain Weird??! Check Out The Nail Trends That Have Come Out This Year


Living without fixing your nails actually makes life easier. They’ll never annoy the heck out of you when you’re clicking away on your keyboard, washing, cooking, picking something from the floor, trying to remove your contact lenses, or opening a can of fizzy drink.

Nevertheless, sometimes we the ladies want to treat ourselves by fixing our nails. Not only does it increase our self-confidence, but it helps make us look presentable overall. Oh! Plus it’s just nice! Lmao.

Over the past few years, a lot of different nail trends came out. The ones to die for, the bad, the ugly and the plain flat out weird!! This year has had its share of trends and we are going to leave them for you to be the judges. Which of them should be “eradicated” from the earth and which would you go and worry your technician to fix for you?

1. Ombre nails

2. Grater nails?

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Yes or no ??

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3. Diamonds anyone?

4. 8-ball anyone?

5. Shoe nails??

6. Bloody eyes?

7. Snake nails?

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8. Different shades?

9. Fur nails?

10. Paper clips nails

11. Googly-eyed nails?

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Yay or nay?? Follow @selfie_beautyclub

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12. Erm… normal acrylic?

13. Inches anyone??

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14. We really don’t know how to describe this one

15. Cheesy nails

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16. Bruh! What is this?


17. Glow in the dark nails

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All custom powder not polish

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18. Botanical nails

19. Vagina nails

20. Corkscrew nails

<p>Corkscrew Nails </p>

21. Coloured Pencil nails

<p>Colored Pencil Nails&nbsp;</p>

22. Blinking eye nails

<p>Blinking Eye Nails&nbsp;</p>

23. Ant nails

Image result for ant in nail trend

24. Teeth nails

Image result for ant in nail trend

25. Brush nails

Image result for brush nail trend

Which design do you think you could absolutely rock?

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