Trigmatic Gave Us A Song We Didn’t Even Know We Needed And It’s Gooooood!

It’s hard to find music that wakes your mind and soul up in Ghana. We are all for good beats and catchy lyrics we can dance to, and that’s fine but…a song with a message that’s not about falling in love or spending money is tough to find. 

Trigmatic released new music titled “Something dey” today and we loved it immediately!! 


Cos it’s a great song with a message! One that hits on something people rarely talk about in music that’s not sung in church: mans relationship with God. 

If you think we mentioned God so it sounds like the generic gospel songs….you’re in for a pleasant surprise! 

The song screams Africa!! 

The drums, the strong voice, the Lion King vibe gives chills!! If you’ve seen the movie and you’ve heard the “Lion sleeps tonight” song, then you know what we are talking about! 

Something dey’s chorus has an ominous feel which is perfect for the message it’s sending. Not that it’s bad news but you’re likely to get goosebumps and start thinking about your life and if you’ve given a minutes consideration to a Higher Being out there! It’s an amazing song and deserves multiple listens and close attention to the lyrics!!

Listen to it here and let us know what you think!! (Trigmatic – Something Dey) 



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