UG: Are You Ready To Buy Water For 30 Pesewas? If Not Read This.


Pure water 30 pesewas????

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How come?

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I’m sure you’re just hearing it too. Maybe you already have.

Well, it’s a nationwide thing but this student hustle is too real for this. Sachet of water now thirty pesewas?

Edey boorst brain!

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From5 pesewas, to 10pesewas to 15 to  20 now 30 pesewas.

Truth is we need to learn to adapt. Let’s face facts we can make it an all-night discussion forum but its still happening. The plan is to adapt.  Here are a few tips to help conserve water and save money:

Always buy the bag.

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If you’re a fan of buying single sachets it’s time you change your strategy. Even if you have enough money to let go like that it shouldn’t be an everyday thing. The twenty pesewas was even hard then now thirty. E hard o.

Keep a bottle.

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You’re probably picturing yourself looking like yourself fifteen years ago with a lunch bag. Nah, far from that. It should be in your bag and brought out when needed. Plus even if you buy sachet water, you can keep the rest in the bottle instead of throwing it away. Little drops haven’t stopped making oceans.

Well, this might sound funny but its good advice. Monday is quite far. You can purchase all your water now. Haha. After all, it’s a step to minimize cost. Make sure you buy enough bags to last you through the semester cause it is almost over anyway. So sit back and relax

We play smart, not hard. Kuulpeeps gotcha.

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