UCC: 4 Ways To Know If You Should Be More Than Friends With Benefits.

Sometimes it’s a little hard to discern what is meant to be a one-time thing and what could turn into a healthy, stable relationship.

If you’re not sure whether your casual hookup has the potential to be the next #relationshipgoals, here are some signs that may help you.

1. You’ve become jealous.

You naa you said the thing will be just a one-time thing but as you see am with another person, make we leff you so say you go destroy the whole world ehnn.lol!  There’s no question that jealousy is a huge indicator that you’re starting to “catch feelings.” Most people actually conclude jealousy is a sign of care for the other person, so when you start being jealous, you might as well tell the person the feelings have changed. It’s no more casual.

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2. Your hangouts are not limited to hookups.

See how you are doing PDA’s and you don’t mind who is watching you kiss your partner in public but if the person you’re talking to only wants to meet up to get lucky, it’s clear they’re not looking for a relationship.

3. You text throughout the day. 

Well, this may seem to be an insignificant factor and may mean nothing, but especially in this digital-centred time we are living in, this shows a lot more than you may think. Texting throughout the day is a huge time commitment and most people tend to get bored of the typically meaningless conversations. When you and your partner are constantly able to carry a conversation throughout the day it shows your partner is genuinely interested in knowing what you’re up to all the time.

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4. Communicate with your partner. 

When it comes down to it, you’ll never know for sure unless you communicate with your partner. It’s not up to just you if you want to cross the line from hooking up to dating; it’s a two- way street. The best way to be sure is to simply ask and discuss the situation. Asking your partner if you are both committed to taking the hook-ups and sex to actual dating is definitely one way to find out if its just friends with benefit.


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