Sis! You Need To Check Out These Signs Which Show That He’s Putting You In A Bottle!

Before anything else, relationships should be honest and truthful. When this is compromised the relationship will be shaken to the core. It doesn’t matter if you suspect something little wrong or even a major coverup. Dishonesty usually spells disaster for a relationship.

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Charley when a lie gets detected, that’s all! The suspicions roll in, followed by interrogations, questioning, blame on the part of the partner who has been lied to and at times a sense of helplessness and hopelessness for the partner who broke the trust. Check out these signs which show that your partner is being dishonest.

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1. He keeps being evasive

You ask him something then he changes the topic subtly. Sometimes you go with the flow leaving him to think he’s succeeded but deep down you’re really bothered about it. Every time you bring this particular topic up he keeps avoiding it, or just repeats, ‘I don’t know.’ Sis! Something is definitely up. You need to advise yourself.

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2. He’s mysterious.

I mean, who doesn’t like a mysterious guy? For some reason its actually a turn on for some girls. It increases their interest in that particular guy.

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But it’s not every time that what we like is what is best for us. Mysterious could mean he’s not being totally honest and who likes half-truths? Definitely not us. If he plans on playing games like these we would advise you to think twice about your relationship.

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3. His actions and his words don’t match up

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A perfect example is if you’re in the very early stages of dating someone who says he’s really into you but doesn’t keep up a regular conversation; that’s a sign he’s not telling the truth. Don’t forget. If he’s into you, he’ll show it. If he tells you everything you want to hear while you’re being intimate but doesn’t match that same level of passion and communication outside of the bedroom, sorry sis. He just wants to hit it and quit it.

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4. You’ve seen him lie so many times to other people.

Ei. How do you know if he’s lying to you after, before your eyes, he lied so well to someone else? Yeeess, we know everyone lies at some point in their lives, but once you notice that this is a habit, girl tell him bye otherwise you would have to keep your guard up throughout the whole relationship.

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5. The phone becomes a huge issue

This issue!! Ei. He gets texts and he hides his phone kind of…thinking you haven’t seen it. He behaves weird when you take his phone. He doesn’t want you opening some chats. Even looking at pictures have become an issue.

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Lol. Sis. Do we need to spell it out for you?? He’s. Hiding. Something. And. Lying. About. it!

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If you see these signs, get ready to make a decision about whether or not you still want to be in a relationship with someone who will make you second guess everything he says because you’re not sure whether or not he’s lying.

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