Obtaining A Passport In Ghana Is Still Not Free

Yesterday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration released a press statement which many media houses carried, alluding to the fact that the government has made obtaining passports free.

Actually, the only thing the government has done is to give you access to the passport forms, fill it, get all your necessary documentation together and then pay either the GHS 50 or GHS 100 later before your filled out application will be processed.

Back in the day and before the online application process was implemented one had to pay for the GHS 50 or GHS 100 before the forms are given to you.

Nothing really has changed here, except for the fact that paying your passport processing fee has been moved to a later stage in the application process.

Even the statement made that clear saying “the public is hereby to note that payment for the processing fee for the PDF form can only be made electronically and not through the banks as was done previously.”

“Application processing fee still remains at GHS 50 for regular and GHS 100 for express,” the statement said.

Please, if your younger brother or sister and even a niece or nephew come for money to process their passport, please don’t assume they want to steal your money.

They still need that GHS 50 or GHS 100 for the passport.

Read the statement below for yourself…

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