5 Songs You Probably Didn’t Know Were Covers Of An Original Song Cos They Are Way Popular Than The Originals

There are original songs and there are covers of songs and no, we aren’t talking sampling or remixes.

Covers of a song are actually a new performance or recording by someone other than the original artist or composer of a previously recorded song. It’s quite common to see artistes doing amazing versions of a song they really like and we are all for it! 

We found 6 songs that were really popular but…they weren’t the original versions of the song. Yup, we fell in love with covers and we didn’t even know it!

Take a look:


This feminist anthem was first sung by Otis Redding. It wasn’t the same words tho…his was more about his woman respecting him of course and it was real good cos well, you know Otis had that unique song that snatched souls.

Unfortunately, when Aretha changed the lyrics and belted out the words…hers became way more popular and well, now feminists all over the world identify with the song a hundred times every time. People even forget that she isn’t the original creator of the song.

I Will Always Love You

You know the popular song: “And I!!!! Will always looooooove youuuuu ouuuuuu??!!!” That powerful song by Whitney Houston that gives us chills because Whitney always has that effect???


What if we told you Whitney isn’t the originator of that song. Lol, the song was actually recorded by Dolly Parton in 1973 for her mentor Porter Wagoner after she decided to leave his show and strike out on her own as a solo star. He loved the song, recorded it and it did well on the charts. Almost a decade later, Whitney sang her version and made history, topping charts and being one of the best selling singles of all time.

Killing Me Softly

Lauryn Hill, Wyclef and Pras’ group, Fugees made waves with their version of Killing Me Softly everywhere!

The original song was actually first recorded by Lori Lieberman in 1971

Funny thing is, shortly after this, Roberta Flack made a more upbeat version, recorded it and it became a hit before Fugees made the better version and now….we hear the song and think oh Lauryn Hill’s song!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Robert Hazard first recorded Girls wanna have fun.  Apparently, he came up with the song in 20 minutes in the shower, and never expected the “silly song” to get any attention.

Well, his version didn’t do as well as Cyndi Lauper’s. She found the song, tweaked the lyrics and boom…it did so well with the video becoming a smash hit and being played on MTV almost every day.

Nothing Compares To You

This soulful emotional smash hit by Sinead O’Connor was so good!! But…surprise surprise her version isn’t the original even though it did so well

The original song was written by the legendary Prince. Yes, the Purple Rain Prince we lost two years ago. His unreleased version, which was recorded with his old band in 1984, was committed to tape six years before it became a worldwide hit in 1990 for singer Sinéad O’Connor. Personally, his version is waaay dope and the video which was recently released does make you miss Prince all over again!

Most of these popular covers deserve the popularity they got right? Well except for Prince’s which was way better than the popular version but there are a couple of originals which are just as good as the covers and deserve some extra spotlight too!

Either way, thank God for these great songs and we are looking forward to seeing more artistes do covers that will borst minds and take over the music scene.

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