We Found 13 Movies That Have Been Lying To Us This Whole Time And We Are Devastated!

We all love to watch movies.

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Sometimes, do you ever wonder what goes into the production of these movies?

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Don’t worry, we’re here to break one movie code!

There’s something called Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). It is an editing tool used to digitally create animation and special effects in film and television. We found a couple of our favourite movies that had mad animation and edits, and we feel you need to know the truth.

Take a seat, cos some of these may knock you off your feet.


Thanos is the powerful villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's


The mean ass guy in Avengers: Infinity War who snapped our favorite superheroes out of existence is actually just this:

He's played by Josh Brolin, who had a cardboard cutout of the character taped to his back.

He was played by Josh Brolin and a cutout of Thanos was taped to his back throughout the movie. Do you know why? You see Thanos was larger than everyone else in the movie? Bigger, taller…yeahh so the cutout guided the other actors on where to look when talking to him.

Beauty and the Beast

Well, Beauty was real but how was the Beast created? Well…this is the beast:

In reality, Dan Stevens wore a goofy outfit to play the beast.

The actor for the Beast had to wear a onesie suit and had to be bulked up just to make sure the beast looked realistic enough for us to enjoy.

Drax and Rocket

Drax was human and got a whole bunch of makeup and body paint to make him look like he did


Our focus is on our favorite rodent lol, the Racoon. He wasn’t even a stuffed animal but rather a human in a green suit. The mind blowing thing is, the actor in the suit isn’t even the one who spoke. Bradley Cooper was the voice of the rodent and Sean Gunn was the human who gave all the movements.

Behind the scenes, the raccoon is Sean Gunn in a big green suit.

Jacob the Werewolf

In the

Remember the Twilight saga? and Jake the werewolf? What do you think was used as the wolf?

In reality, he was wearing a funny suit and bending down.

The actor was in actual fact, wearing a suit and bending down!! Lol must have been hard!

Wolf Of Wall Street

Remember the epic scene where the Lion was strolling through Jordan’s office?

Even less fantastical movies like

What if we told you….THE LION WAS REAL!!

Lol yes the Lion was real but the people in the office were not.

The lion was really there. The people weren't.

So this scene was shot twice, one with the lion, another without the Lion and then they were edited into each other. The trainer with the Lion was just edited out and voila!

Harry Potter

In Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, there was a scene where Harry and Hermoine walked through a library and Hermoine’s books floated back into the shelves as she walked past

The floating books are another cool effect from the series.

Yeah we know you probably didn’t think books float but what actually happened while they acted was, people hid behind the shelves in green gloves and took the books from Hermoine’s hands as she walked past and stretched the books out towards the shelf

They're grabbed by green-gloved people.

Whew right?

We won’t even talk anymore. Just look at these:


what we see…

What actually happened…

Alice in Wonderland

Remember the twins, Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum?

Check out the scene behind the scene!

And it’s not just the beings….whole scenes too!!!!

Game of Thrones

Hi Arya…

wow Arya

Captain America

Is this your superhero??!!! Lmao

You’d be surprised some scenes you thought were actually really easy to shoot kraa…

That’s a scene from Grayce’s Anatomy but look…

The whole view was edited!!

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Gets you thinking right? Like are there some other movies you saw that had the most unlikely places edited???!!

All hail technology!

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