Shatta Wouldn’t Dare But Here Are 7 Songs We Think Will Be Great Reply Attempts For Sark’s ‘Advice’


So Sarkodie shut down GH with some serious diss track at Shatta Wale today. He called it an advice but to be very honest, it’s more like a serious beatdown in a fighting ring. It’s almost like someone said “Finish Him” and Sarkodie did just that!

Everyone’s been waiting for a Shatta response since then, hoping he’d either shutdown everything with a response or just like maybe, breathe lol but so far…he’s been silent!!

Well, since we are the voice of the voiceless, we thought that hey, if Shatta wouldn’t respond, here are a couple of songs that will give the perfect response.

So…dear Sark,

Mans don’t really care what you say cos he knows he’s still got the Mahama Paper no matter what! Alumi chains or not, he’s comfortably loaded!

Oh and don’t forget, he still be the Dancehall king inna the whole Ghana. Don’t get it twisted!

And you evil ones laughing, you no really dey on his Level wati cos he ankasa he knows his level paa and at the moment, he can’t see you anywhere near it!

Dear adoring fans…the ones still sticking up for him, Forgetti all these trolls charley! Forgetti kraa

Cos the Shatta Movement will be Taking Over very soon..

The Reign Album is going to overshadow all this noise very soon and it dey come like Kakai this Saturday.

And ah you people don’t know that the Advice bullet isn’t hitting him right? Didn’t he say he’s Bulletproof? He dey dodge bullets on the daily!

And for those who supported him and but are now backstabbing him, doing ”Sark wati!!” …. Thunder Fire all of you.

Jah Blezz.

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