Quiz: How Well Do You Know Shatta Wale’s Lyrics

Shatta Wale zylofon

Which of these is not a Shatta Wale song?

Complete this line from Dem Confuse: 'I no be weak oo, ...'

In ATM Remix, Shatta mentioned that the only time you'll see himself and Alkaline in a corner is when...

Shatta referred to himself as the Korle Gonno Godfather, which song was that reference made?

In which song did Shatta say he'll fly his lover to Bahamas?

In which Shatta Wale song was this said; 'One day things will get better.'

Which song did Shatta describe as the 'best collabo 2020 and beyond'

In 'London Girls,' Shatta told his person of interest that, ....... will be the MC at their wedding.

In which song did Shatta say he can do it clean or dirty?

On which song was Shatta opting to be both a teacher and soldier?


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