Justice For Boobies! Here Are 6 Myths About Boobs We Really Need To Get Off Our Chest


At this point, if you’re not aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, then maybe you don’t deserve to have boobs or even touch them.

Ladies, as owners of these beautiful work of art on your chest, it’s very important to know everything and anything connected with boobs.

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Now because everyone loves boobs, we noticed there are a lot of stories surrounding them too and sadly, most of them are so untrue! Most have been said so many times they are seen as facts and you hear and see both men and women openly sharing them with serious looks on the faces.

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Not cool. Here are 6 boob myths we found and debunked!

Breastfeeding makes boobs sag

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No it doesn’t. When you get pregnant, your boobs start to increase in size and once the baby comes out, the boobies get filled with milk. Now the thing is, as your breasts increase in size, the ligaments that support them may stretch and this stretching is what may lead to slightly saggier breasts. So if you think staying away from breastfeeding your baby will keep your boobs perky…SIKE! whether you use them or not, they’d still slightly drop.

Not wearing a bra will cause boobs to sag

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Lmao! Ladies free your tatas whenever you feel like cos wearing a bra or not wearing one will not stop them from sagging. Bras only help you keep the boobs up for awhile and that’s it. Take them off and they’d fall back to their natural state.

There are boob exercises that can make your boobs perky

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False. False False. There are no muscles in your boobs so what exactly will you be exercising? Your boobs are made of tissue, not muscle. So…

Wearing Bras a lot can cause breast cancer

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No they won’t. People claim bras especially those with underwires restrict the blood or lymphatic flow to the breast but there is no evidence to support the statement that they cause cancer. Go bra-less if you want to but wear a bra too if you want to. It’s your choice.

Never sleep with a bra cos it’d make your boobs sag
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Know what makes boobs sag? gravity and age. So, you ankasa that you’re lying down in bed…what gravity is going to make the boobs that are low right now even lower?? get what we mean? If you want to wear a bra to bed, by all means do it but the only reason you wouldn’t want do that is because it’s uncomfortable af!!

Pressing and squeezing boobs will make them grow bigger or sag

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No…Stop it! They won’t. If it were this easy, we doubt people would even think of surgery to make their boobs bigger or smaller. Remember, there are no muscles in the boobs so pressing them during sex or foreplay will not make them bigger or smaller because some ‘muscles’ are getting weak. Come on!

Ladies, remember that boobs come in all shapes and sizes so ignore all dem dumbass guys and let your boobs fluorish.

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Boobs are beautiful no matter the shape or size. Love them as they are…and don’t be hell bent on listening to guys who expect it to look like those fake ass surgically enhanced boobs they see in porn.

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